Determination for.....

My winter classes are coming soon. This winter term is really important for me to be OSU student, because I have to be OSU student at least until next summer. If I don't get to be OSU then, I have to wait next summer. So, I must be OSU student as soon as possible. It's so hard for me, because I never study before I came here..hehehehe. anyway, I gonna study now on. I can do it!!!!!
Recently, I am reminded of my school days with some regret. Did I get a homesickness? No way~!! I like to stay here, also there are many trees....(-_-)

Anyway, I gonna be OSU student, and then I can study sports science at last.
(^_^)vhehe I gonna hit the book
see you~~
by yamato_51 | 2006-01-10 04:37